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Charm Bracelet - Big Damn Heroes - $32

A very shiny charm bracelet with a charm for each of our heroes. You can also get the bracelet with or without the logo pendant. ($35 with pendant). Silver plated bracelet, charms attached with secure split ring loops.

Charms are as follows:
River - Wing (little albatross)
Mal - Pistol
Heart - Inara
Jayne - Scimitar (big knife)
Kaylee - Teddy bear with flower
Simon - Caduceus
Wash - Leaf or Dinosaur
Zoe - Mare's Leg Pistol
Book - Dove

With or without pendant?

Charm Bracelet - My Hero - $20 


Wash (Leaf)
Wash (Dino)


 (Not shown, but available - Book and River)

A simpler version of the charm bracelet with a logo pendant and a single hero's charm. Pick your favorite!  Silver plated bracelet, charms attached with secure split ring loops. 

Which hero charm?

Charm Bracelet - Serenity - $10 

A very simple and inexpensive charm bracelet with the logo pendant only.